Seminar: Unveiling new gates to chemicals. 11jan, 10 am

After the Christmas break we restart our CINBIO Seminars every two weeks.

This seminar will be held on Thursday 11 of January, 10 am, at the Conference Room of CACTI (Torre CACTI – Floor 0, beside CITEXVI).
Speaker: Dr. José A. Souto Salgado from Organic Chemsitry Group of CINBIO (QO1).
Tittle of the talk: Unveiling new gates to chemicals

The talk will be in Spanish. Registration is not required.

Through evolution, Nature has developed the machinery to selective prepare the most intrincate molecules for its specific needs, from bioactive compounds to materials. As Organic Chemist we get inspired from this myriad number of transformations in order to develop, in an efficient and effective manner, the synthesis of the molecules and materials that our society demands.