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The Group of Coloidal Chemistry and Organic Chemistry of CINBIO, participate in the 3rd INTER-UNIVERSITY SYMPOSIUM OF THE MASTER IN CHEMICAL RESEARCH AND INDUSTRIAL CHEMISTRY (MIQQI). It will be held on June 11 and 12, 2018, at the Degree Hall of the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Vigo. No previous inscription required.

The invited lectures are as follows:

Luns, 11 de xuño de 2018
10:45h-11:30h.           Prof.ª Sandra Bolaño García (UVigo)
Título: Metallaaromatics
12:00h-12:45h.           Prof. Francisco Rivadulla Fernández (USC)
Título: Experimental challenges in the measurement of the thermal properties of  thin-films and fluids
16:00h-16:45h.           D. Arturo González Pérez (Grupo COPO S.A.)
Título: Polyurethane foams. Chemistry and products
Martes, 12 de xuño de 2018
10:00h-10:45h.           Dr. Alberto Tielas Macía (Centro Tecnolóxico de Automoción de Galicia, CTAG)
Título: Applications of nanotechnology in automotive industry
13:00h:13:45h.           Prof. Jorge Moreda Piñeiro (UDC)
Título: Bioaccessibility / bioavailability of pollutants in particulate matter
15:45h-16:30h.           Prof.ª Magdalena Cid Fernández (UVigo)
Título: Chiroptical responses driven by axially chiral Host-Guest complexes
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