Singular Centre CINBIO

A new building was developed to provide a common infrastructure for biomedical experts working on basic and applied research. It also hosts the Bio-experimental Facilities and a new BSL-3 laboratory. Over 180 senior research scientists, professors, and enthusiastic post-docs, PhD students and technicians are sharing resources and equipment, all working closely with the hospitals in the area, other universities, related industry, and regional and local governments.

CINBIO premises are located at the University´s campus, near the Faculties of BiologyMarine Sciences and Chemistry, the Sciences’ Library, CACTI and CITEXVI, a business incubator centre.


Among the funds received in recent years, are:


  • UNVI05-25-009. Operational Programme (ERDF) 2007-2013. “Animalario de cría y experimentación con fines biosanitarios UVigo- SERGAS” (Animal house facility with biosanitary purposes. University of Vigo – SERGAS). Funded by Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia.
  • UNVI07-1C-198. Operational Programme (ERDF) 2007-2013. “Centro de Investigacións Biomédicas UVI – SERGAS (CINBIO)”. (Biomedical Research Centre UVI-SERGAS (CINBIO). Financed by Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia.
  • UNVI08-1E-002. Operational Programme (ERDF) 2008-2011. “Proteómica – Genómica – Transcriptómica: OMICS Tecnologías en la Universidade de Vigo”. (Proteomics-Genomics-Transcriptomics). Funded by Ministerio de la Presidencia.
  • UNVI10-1E-1450. Operational Programme (ERDF) 2008-2011. “Biomedicina – Experimentación Animal” (Biomedicine – Animal research). Funded by Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación.
  • INP-2011-0032-PEP-010000-ACT1. Operational Programme (ERDF) 2008-2011. ”Equipamiento para experimentación animal: animalario en la Ciudad Tecnológica de la Universidad de Vigo”. (Equipment for animal research: Animal house at the Tech City of University of Vigo). Funded by Plan Nacional de Investigación Científica, Desarrollo e Innovación Tecnológica. Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación.
  • UNVI13-1E-2733. Operational Programme (ERDF) 2007-2013. “Biomedicina – Centro de Investigacións Biomédicas (CINBIO)”. (Biomedicine – Biomedical Research Center (CINBIO) Funded by Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad.
  • ED431G/02. Operational Programme (ERDF) 2014-2020.CINBIO, Centro Singular de Investigación de Galicia (2016-2019)”. Funded by Axudas á acreditación, estructuración e mellora de centros de investigación singulares e agrupacións estratéxicas consolidadas do sistema universitario de Galicia. Consellería de Cultura, Educación y Ordenación Universitaria de Xunta de Galicia