BB1 Molecular Biomarkers

berrocalCoordinator F. Javier Rodríguez Berrocal

(PhD , Molecular Biology)

tl_files/cinbio/imagenes/telefono.png +34 986 812 571
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The common objective is to find new genetic, protein or glycolic biomarkers with a view to their possible application in different human pathologies. This cohesion of the group does not prevent its members from participating in different lines of research, or collaborating with external groups on similar or complementary topics, although always related to genetic and biochemical research.

The group’s strategic actions are currently focused on:

  • Protein biochemistry.
  • Glycoproteomics.
  • Human Genetics.
Principal Investigator

Almudena Fernández Briera

+986 812 573

Principal Investigator

Diana Valverde Pérez

+34 986 811 953