Bioexperimentation Service

The Bioexperimentation Service of the University of Vigo (SB-UVI) was created with the aim of fulfilling the needs of researchers working with animal models in the field of biomedical research.

The Service boasts seven housing rooms located in the clean area of the facility, three of them with SPF microbiological classification and functioning as a barrier system. The housing area, specially designed for the accommodation of little rodents (rats and mice), is outfitted with materials and equipment that fit all the requirements established by the current legislation (RD 53/2013) regarding laboratory animal lodgement conditions.

The facility has, moreover, an operating room intended to the performance of experimental procedures, an area for metabolism studies and areas for pre-anaesthesia and animal recovery after the procedures.

The cleaning area equipment allows keeping the barrier between clean and dirty spaces, in order to maintain the microbiological conditions of the enclosed animals stable.

The SB-UVI offers the researchers a wide range of available services, varying from the mere animal lodgement to the whole performance of the procedures, all this in the context of transparency and keeping an strict control on the maintenance of animal welfare conditions, preserving the concept of “three Rs” to the full. Agreement on Openness on Animal Research.


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