Recruitment process in CINBIO: two positions for experienced postdoctoral researchers and one laboratory technician. Deadline: 2 March 2017

The Biomedical Research Center (CINBIO) offers 2 full‐time positions for experienced
postdoctoral researchers in any of the CINBIO areas of research (Main and Transversal Areas). Deadline: 2 March 2017.

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The CINBIO offers two positions

The  Biomedical  Research  Center  (Centro  de  Investigaciones  Biomédicas,  CINBIO) is a multidisciplinary center that covers some of the main research areas in  Biomedicine. It emerged to create a common infrastructure for biomedical experts from the  University  of  Vigo  (Spain),  working  on  basic,  applied and  clinical  research.

The CINBIO offers two positions:

  • CINBIO 14 – Laboratory technician
  • CINBIO 14 – Specialized Technician in Thermalism

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