Flow Cytometry


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Flow Cytometry is a very useful tool that enables the multiparametric analysis (size, complexity, DNA content, phenotype, etc.) of samples containing celullar or subcellular suspensions from different sources. It is a very efficient and fast technique that provides a lot of information in a short period of time obtaining very representative data using a small volume of sample. In addition, some cytometers, can be used to separate different cell populations from a given simple (cell sorting). There are many applications for humans, animals, plants or microorganisms using this technique.


– Analytical Flow Cytometry


It has one 488 nm laser for the detection of 5 colors, FSC and SSC. Moreover, it has an automated autosampler.

It has two lasers (488 and 640 nm), detectors for FSC, SSC and 4 colors.

Both flow cytometers can be used in self-service after a training course.

– Cell sorting. The BD FACSAriaIII. Manual.

It has 3 lasers (405, 488 and 633 nm) for the detection of FSC, SSC and up to 11 colors. In addition, it can perform cell sorting using different tubes or plates (4 populations simultaneously in tube, single-cell sorting in multiwell plates, etc.).

– Multiplexed Assay Platform (MAGPIX, Luminex). Manual.

This equipment enables the simultaneous detection of multiple analytes in plates, using microbeads conjugated to specific antibodies directed to the different analytes to perform immunoassays. These beads, that are different in size and fluorescence intensity, enable the detection of multiple analytes in a single well. This equipment can also be used in self-service after doing the corresponding training course.