II AM. Annual Meeting



25th & 26th June, 2018 – Science Fac. Univ. Vigo

“Novel methods for diagnosis and therapy in biomedicine”

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     Abstract deadline: 18th May, 2018
     Registration deadline: 18th June, 2018.

The meeting will take place at the Faculty of Science, opposite to CINBIO

The scientific conferences will have a multidisciplinary character, of great interest for the students, researchers and professionals of the biomedical and related fields.


Keynote speakers: 

  • Prof. J. L. Mascareñas; Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, CIQUS, ES.
  • Prof. Arturas Volianskis; Queen Mary University of London, UK.

Invited speakers:

  • Dr. Aleksandr Missiul; characterization techniques, biomedicine and materials. ALBA Synchrotron, ES
  • Dr. David Gómez-Cabrero; bioinformatics., Navarra Biomed, ES
  • Dr. Lorena Diéguez; tools for diagnosis, bioingeneering. INL, Braga, PT.
  • Dr. Mar Girondo; statistics and bioinformatics, Leiden University Medical Center, NL.
  • Dr. Laura Muinelo; liquid biopsyUSC, Oncomet, ES.
  • Dr. Francisco Corzana; chemistry, polysacharides, antibodies. Universidad de la Rioja, ES.
  • Dr. Carlos Palo-Nieto; receptors, antibacterian, cancer. Uppsala University, SE.
  • Dr. Alex McMillan; quantum photonics. Quantum Technology Labs, Bristol, UK.
  • More to be announced…

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