Seminar 15mar18: Cancer genomics


On thursday, 15mar2018 at 10 a.m. at “Sala de Audiovisuales” of CINBIO, module 6 (look out, NEW ROOM!!).

Speaker: Dr. Sonia Prado López, from Single Cell laboratory (Evolutionary and Biomedical Genomics Group).

Tittle of the talk: Cancer genomics  (Talk will be in spanish.)

It will be presented the different research tools, within the Evolutionary and Biomedical Genomics research group devoted to study tumor heterogeneity and evolution in different types of cancer.


Cancer is a genetic disease arising from the unregulated clonal (i.e., genetically identical) expansion of cells that have mutated by chance at some key genes known as cancer genes. Cancer cells multiply much faster than tumor growth (2), implying that selection for space and resources of cancer cells is strong and that many cells die without dividing (3). Indeed, cancer has been long recognized as an evolutionary process mainly driven –at least at the beginning– by continuous Darwinian natural selection of the fittest clones (4,5,6). Because of this, it is not surprising that most human cancers show high levels of intratumor heterogeneity at the phenotype and genotype levels (7,8,9,10) with important implications not only for diagnosis and treatment but also for progression (11,12).

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