Seminar 5abr2018. Peloids and bacteria growth.

Staphaureus plate # 9514 origional mag 21.0 k x
Staph. aureus plate.

On thursday, 5abr2018 at 10 a.m. at “Sala de Audiovisuales” of CINBIO, module 6.

Speaker: Dr. Cármen Gómez, from Applied Physics Laboratory .

Tittle of the talk: “Investigación en peloides y crecimiento bacteriano”  (Talk will be in spanish.)

It will be presented different research lines of the group, in relation with CINBIO.


Applied Physics Laboratory, FA2, develop some research lines within the CINBIO.

One of them tries to evaluate the effects of ultrasounds and microwaves on the viability of different bacteria, as well as other external agents such as drugs. These effects are analyzed using microcalorimetric techniques.

Another line of research focuses on the thermophysical characterization of thermal products (peloids), and its use in therapy, by studying their thermal and mechanical properties.