Seminar 7jun2018. Adaptive immune response using NGS technologies

Foto-Susana Magadan-IN1                         NGS sequencing Technologies

On thursday 7th of june of 2018 at 10 a.m.; Conference room, Torre CACTI (0 floor).

Tittle:  Understanding dynamics of adaptive immune response using NGS technologies

The speaker will be Dr. Susana Magadan Mompo, from the Group “IN1 Immunology

The talk will be in SpanishAbstract:

Advances in immunology have revealed a role of many unique immune cell subsets. However, technologies that enable us to capture the whole landscape of immune responses against specific antigens have been not available to date. The high-throughput next-generation sequencing together with sophisticated immune-bioinformatic analyses have been developed as a powerful tool to profile the repertoire of antigen specific receptors. These novel methods will therefore facilitate the development of diagnostic and monitoring tools, effective immunotherapies, as well as a deeper understanding of the adaptive immune response in vertebrates.

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