1. Cell culture and BSL3.
  2. Molecular biology.
  3. Histology.
  4. Microscopy.
  5. Media preparation and sterilization.
  6. Microbiology/phages.
  7. Flow Cytometry Unit.
  8. Ultracentrifuge.
  9. Lyophilization.
  10. Instrumental analysis.
  • Other services
  1. Common areas.
  2. Seminar rooms.
  3. Videoconference Room.

The CINBIO scientific development service creates custom tools able to process data coming from genomics, proteomics and bibliomics with application in several biochemistry areas, such as phylogenetics, biomarker discovery, functional genomics, drug research or analytical chemistry, while offering the required interface, such as desktop applications, web applications or as integrable software libraries. Many of these tools are translated to medical areas such as oncology or e-health. See examples successful cases and other examples here.