XB5 Evolutionary Genomics

David PosadaProfessor David Posada

(PhD , Zoology)


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tl_files/cinbio/imagenes/arroba.png dposada@uvigo.es
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Research teams

Comparative genomics. Team Leader: Assistant Professor Carlos Canchaya.
Assistant Professor Carlos Canchaya’s Marine Genomics Team is assembling and comparing different mollusk genomes in order to understand their functional adaptation.
Marine genomics. Team Leader: Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellow Iria Fernández-Silva.
Iria Fernández-Silva’s Speciation genomics group is trying to answer key evolutionary questions pertaining the evolution of marine fishes.
Phylogenomics. Team leader: Professor David Posada.
Professor David Posada’s Evolutionary Genomics Team uses genomic information to try to understand the evolution of different species and cancer cells.
Mobile genomes and disease. Team Leader: Ramon y Cajal fellow Jose M. C. Tubio.

Jose Tubío’s Mobile genomes and disease is interested in the impact of genomic structural variation on the function of eukaryotic genomes and in the drivers of clonally transmissible cancers