Oferta de Emprego: CINBIO 28. Investigador predoutoral, Endocrinoloxía e Metabolismo

Fecha Inicio: 28 xuño 2018
Fecha Fin: 10 xullo 2018
Tempo completo

Perfil: O Centro de Investigación Biomédica (CINBIO) ofrece unha posición predoutoral a tempo completo para un candidato altamente motivado e cualificado en “Endocrinoloxía e Metabolismo“, relacionado coa área de obesidade e enfermidades metabólicas, no grupo de Endocrinoloxía de Vigo.

Duración: inicialmente para 3 montes (a partir de setembro de 2018), e pode ser renovado.

Convocatoria: información e documentación para os solicitantes (anexo I e anexo II)

Prazo de solicitude: ata o 10 de xullo de 2018 (16:00 horas, hora local).


O Comité de Recursos Humanos publica a CINBIO 28 Evaluation Commission Resolution.

Hai cinco días para reclamar (ata o 14aug, 13:00H).

Mandatory Degrees:

  • Degree in Biology or closely related to the post.
  • Masters Degree in Nutrition, Metabolism, or related disciplines, obtained before signing the contract.
  • It is valued to be enrolled in a Doctoral Program, preferably in Endocrinology.

Expected Skills:

In relation to the research line to be involved in: “effect of hormones on the development of fibrosis in organs related to metabolism”.

  • Some experience in working with experimentation animals, and quantification of hormones and metabolites in liquids and biological tissues.
  • Knowledge of molecular biology techniques: RT-PCR, Western-blot, etc.;
  • Excellent communication skills; autonomous gear in a research environment; highly motivated; and willing to move forward on their PhD pursuit.
  • Good level of English.

Salary:  It is 1250 €/month, before taxes (gross salary + employee social costs). It is also covered end of contract compensation, and social security costs from employer side.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Official Academic degrees: 60 points.
  • CV, research  experience, communication skills, level of english: 40 points.
  • A personal interview may be requested, to be valued up to 25 extra points.

Candidates have to  send:

  1. APPLICATION FORM, ANNEX II (pdf file: cinbio28_YourName_Form.pdf).
  2. Official Degrees. (name the pdf file: cinbio28_YourName_ Degrees).
  3. Curriculum vitae (name the pdf file: cinbio28_YourName_CV). It is preferred Euro pass CV format.
  4. Cover letter, summarizing the applicant’s career and experience, and interest (one A4 page in pdf format, please name the file cinbio28_YourName_Letter).

 Please, send the required documents (described in Annex I, and Annex II) to , indicating the email subject: CINBIO 28. Predoc Researcher on Endocrinology and Metabolism.

Application deadline:  10 JULY 2018 (16:00 hours, local time).

Evaluation process:

The Human Resources Board will decide on selection and hiring.


O Comité de Recursos Humanos publica a CINBIO 28 List of Admitted & Rejected candidates.

Hai dez días para reclamar (ata o 3ago, 16:00H).


O Comité de Recursos Humanos publica a CINBIO 28 Evaluation Commission Resolution.

Hai cinco días para reclamar (ata o 14aug, 13:00H).