Areas and lines of research

The Biomedical Research Centre (CINBIO) is organized into 5 main areas and 3 horizontal areas. Over 200 of researchers are included in the centre in this areas:

 Main Areas:

  • Cancer.
    • Cancer phylogenomic and transmissible cancer.
    • Tumor markers/ diagnostic techniques.
    • Antitumour Therapy.
  • Immunity and inflammation.
    • Preventive vaccines : Tuberculosis.
    • Diagnosis: monoclonal antibodies and  recombinant phages.
    • Development of therapies for autoinmmune and inflammatory diseases use of nanoestructures.
  • Neurosciences.
    • Studies on neuronal receptors.
    • Diagnostic: design of nanoestructures/ development of biosensors.
    • Pharmacological synthesis for neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Biohealth and Active Ageing.
    • Synthesis of antioxidants and prebiotics. Microbiotics.
    • Thermalism: peloids.
    • Detection methods: food control.
    • Synthesis of nutritional precursors.
  • Obesity and metabolic diseases.
    • Role of GLP-1.
    • Pharmacological synthesis for metabolic diseases.
    • Immunotherapy with vaccines for type 1 diabetes.

Horizontal Areas:

  • Biostatistics.
  • Bioinformatics.
  • Innovation: new methods in prevention, diagnostics and therapy.