BSL-3 Lab

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BSL-3 Lab (Biosafety level 3 Laboratory) (setting up)

Contact: Galina Pinzaru,

  • +34 986 818 765 / 130225

CINBIO has a Biosafety laboratory to work with pathogens (level 3) to meet the needs of researchers, both from the University of Vigo and other institutions.

EQUIPMENT:  This laboratory is equipped with three type II biological safety cabinets, two CO2 incubators, two routine microscopes (one with fluorescence), two centrifuges, a refrigerator and freezers for storage of samples and reagents, among others. The acquisition of new equipment is expected according to the needs of the researchers, except for the consumables, which must be provided by the researchers.

ACCESS:  The laboratory is a restricted access area, and will be available as self-service, after a specific training program, and/or through collaborations with technical staff assigned to the laboratory

HOW TO USE THE LABORATORY: It must be requested through the forms found on top of this page:

  1. Specific form
  2. Safety data sheet of the pathogen intended to be used.

These forms must be delivered in the concierge office, of the CACTI-CINBIO Dra Olimpia Valencia building.

Within 30 days, the acceptance or not of the request will be communicated.