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Contact: Ainhoa Rodríguez Tébar,

  • tecnicomicroscopiacinbio@uvigo.es
  • +34 986 130 148 /+34 986 130 225

Histoloy studies the microscopic organization of tissues. At CINBIO we have a histology service with qualified technical personnel. Training courses are also offered that make it possible to use the equipment in a self-service system.

 Cryostat Leica CM 1950.  Manual.

Designed to section frozen tissue (fresh or fixed). It allows obtaining sections up to 100 μm thick. in manual or automatic mode

– Rotary Microtome Leica RM2255.  Manual.

Designed to y cut tissues included in paraffin. Allows to obtain sections between 0.25-100 mm in manual or automatic mode.

– Vibratome Leica VT1200S.  Manual.

Designed to cut fresh or fixed tissue, embedded or not in gelatin

– Cold plate tissue embedding center Leica EG1150 / Leica EG1150 C. Manual.

Composed by:
a) Paraffin dispenser module with heated work surface and storage areas of molds and cassettes
b) cold plate that facilitates the rapid cooling of the block.