International Women’s and Girl’s Day in STEM

Muller e nena na ciencia_web2

Programmme: Commemorative Days of February 11, International Women’s Day in STEM.

February 6th, Campus of Ourense. II Conference on STEM
February 11th, Campus of Vigo. Experiment in femenine + They make Sci&TEch

Workshops, February 6, Campus of Ourense (Polytechnic Building).

– Seeing the invisible

– Chemirization: Chemistry & Valorization

– The magic of the soil

– The color in science

– Molecular superstructures

– Resolving the puzzle of the climate

– Culinary technology

– Against MATILDA Effect

– Building molecules

– Eat with Science

– Discover aromas and flavors in foods

– You can make computer programmes!

– Health and Science, Nursing Group

Workshops, February 11, Campus of Vigo (in Telecommunications Engineering, Experimental Sciences and CINBIO)

– Infrared thermography

– 3D design and prototyping

– Formula Student Project

– Chemistry in Criminology

– Chemistry for all people and why

– Synthesis of nanoparticles in solution.

– Material properties on the nanometer scale

– Sex chromosomes and inheritance linked to sex

– Detection of autoimmune pathologies

– Quantification of marine toxins by means of ELISA testing