Job Offer: CINBIO 32-33 Two Postdoc Researchers on Bioinformatics


Profile: The Biomedical Research Center (CINBIO) offers two full-time interim postdoctoral positions to highly motivated and qualified researchers on “developing novel applications and tools in health domain using NLP and ABM techniques”, related to the area of Bioinformatics, in the SI-04 group (SING, Sistemas Informáticos de Nueva Generación), based in Ourense.

Time frame: initially for 3.5 months for both positions (starting on may 2019), and may be continued.

Call: information for candidates, and how to apply for the post

Application deadline:  25th March 2019 (12:00 hours, local time). 

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The Evaluation Board publishes the CINBIO-32-33-Postdoctoral-SING-Evaluation Resolution

There is a period of five days for claims (until 10abr2018, 14:00H).

Evaluation criteria:

  • Official Academic degrees: 40%
  • CV, proved experience related to the post: 60%.

Evaluation process:

The Evaluation Board will select the candidate/s for recruitment. Other qualified candidates will end up in a waiting list for future consideration.


The Evaluation Board publishes the CINBIO 32-33 final list of Admited & Rejected Candidates. 


The Evaluation Board publishes the CINBIO-32-33-Postdoctoral-SING-Evaluation Resolution

There is a period of five days for claims (until 10abr2018, 14:00H).