Cinbio, Formación


The centre features modern laboratories with sophisticated equipment and expert personnel. These characteristics, together with its geographical location in the south of Galicia, make it possible for other biotechnology businesses to seize the opportunity to provide up-and-coming researchers with the level of specialisation they may require.

CINBIO’s educational offer includes a large variety of master’s degree and doctoral programmes from the University of Vigo.

Master's Degree Programmes

The master’s degrees which are encompassed in the field of biomedicine offered by the University of Vigo are coordinated by the centre’s principal researchers:

Cinbio, Programas de Mestrado

Doctoral Programmes

The University of Vigo offers a large variety of doctoral programmes. Our centre has been very active in academic and formative aspects in recent years: between 2019 and 2020, a total of 11 doctoral theses were defended under the direct supervision of CINBIO’s principal researchers.

In the field of biomedicine, seven doctoral programmes are coordinated by researchers at CINBIO, and many others teach courses in these programmes. The academic offer is as follows:

Cinbio, Programas de Doutoramento