QF1 Nanotechnology 1: Colloid Chemistry

Isabel PastorizaDr. Isabel Pastoriza-Santos

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The Colloid Chemistry Group was founded by Professor Luis Liz Marzán and Professor Pablo Hervés Beloso in 1996. Their research activity is focused on the synthesis and formation mechanisms of metal, semiconductor, magnetic and hybrid nanoparticles with controlled composition, size and morphology; the creation of colloidal composites, including functionalized carbon nanotubes; nanostructured thin films and nanoparticle ordered arrays in two and three dimensions; the optical characterization of nanoparticles and their assemblies; and the use of metal nanoparticles as biosensors.

Their research is focused mainly on the synthesis, characterisation and applications of nanoparticles and assemblies thereof. Core-shell nanoparticles are their preferred systems, so that they can control the properties of the colloid by means of careful modification of the dimensions of the core-shell geometry and of the nature of both the core and the shell. By choosing an insulating material as the shell, they can build up nanostructures, both in 2D and 3D, where the spacing between neighboring particles is determined by the thickness of the shell. Such a lattice control permits them to tailor the properties of the nanostructures. The group searchs for applications mainly on magnetic and optical properties.