Quality Policy. ISO 9001

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CINBIO is the Biomedical Research Center of the University of Vigo, awarded as Singular Research Center of Galicia (2016-2019). It is a multidisciplinary center whose mission focuses on creating a common infrastructure for researchers in the biomedical area, as well as providing support for the promotion and development of research in this field.

CINBIO is aware of the need to guarantee permanent guidance to users and other groups of interest. Therefore, the management of the University of Vigo, through the Research Vice Chancellor, and the Directorate of CINBIO, ensures the proper implementation, maintenance and improvement of a Quality Management System in accordance to the ISO 9001: 2015 standards. It will apply to the offered services: Bioexperimentation; Flow Cytometry, Histology, Molecular Interactions (SPR), Microscopy, BSL-3 Lab (Biosafety level 3 Laboratory), and Molecular Biology.

The standard establishes the following general objectives:

a) Ensure compliance with legal requirements and others that result from application.

b) Determine the risks and opportunities associated with the context in which the center operates, and with the needs and expectations of the groups of interest, as well as ensuring the proper decision making for improvement.

c) Ensure that planning and provision of services are user oriented; as well as monitoring of the user’s perception of the overall performance.

d) Periodically define quality objectives as a tool to guarantee the commitment to continuous improvement.

e) Ensure the availability of the necessary resources to guarantee the adequate provision of services and the achievement of quality objectives.

f) Guarantee the communication and dissemination of this policy to the CINBIO human resources involved in service providing and the quality management system; and also for the groups of interest.

ISO 9001 Certificate

IQNet ER-0663_2018_2018-11-07

Certified on 2018-11-07, AENOR ER-0663/2018. IQNet Registration Number: ES-0663/2018