Topic areas

Cinbio, medicina molecular

Nutrition and wellbeing

In this area, research focus on nutritional disorders, obesity and metabolism; microbiomes and bacteria. The main studies are divided as follows:

  • Nutrition

    Development and validation of analytic methodologies to control emerging biotoxins in foods of marine origin, and assessment of their potential health repercussions.

    Incretins (reproductive system/metabolic control, diabesity/lungs and cardiovascular).


    Pulmonary fibrosis.

    Nutrition and sport: protective benefits of sports.

  • Thermalism/Bacteria

    Bacterial sensitivity to external agents using microcalorimeters.

    Therapeutic agents and their use in thermal and thalasso centres.

    Bioactive polyenes.

    Analysis of emerging marine biotoxins and their repercussions on food and health.

  • Microbiome


    • Sustainable obtainment from plant and macroalgae materials.
    • Characterisation and therapeutic usage.
    • Production of compounds derived from marine macroalgae with anti-tumoural activity.

    Development of prebiotics:

    • Xylooligosaccharides, galactoglucomanooligosaccharides and pectooligosaccharides derived from biomass.
    • Development of microbial metabolites.
    • Development of fermentative processes for the production of metabolites of interest for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.