School Visit. Breaking glass ceilings

A day at CINBIO: Breaking glass ceilings.


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Scheduled activities from 10am to 1pm:  

10.00am Reception and Welcome
Welcome to CINBIO by the Director of the Center, Dr. Africa González.
10.20am the group will be divided in teams, and given lab coats for the development of the programmed activities. The time distribution throughout the morning is done by way of example, as the activities will be carried out simultaneously, so that the groups will rotate through the different experiments.
10.30am Histology and microscopy
Hands on histology and microscopy by Ainhoa Rodríguez Tébar.
In this workshop there will be activities to see different structures with different dyes so that children can use the microscopes to relate the same fabric dyed with different colors.
On the other hand, they will have different histological samples with routine staining (Hematoxylin-eosin) to find out how the other organs are observed inside.
11.00am Immunology
Studying the immune system: How do I know if a vaccine has worked out properly?
In the immunology laboratory, they work, among other things, on the development of new vaccines against different pathogens. To find out if the vaccine we are developing is working, one of the things we need to know is whether antibodies were produced to protect us. For this, one of the most used techniques is the ELISA. This assay allows quantification of the amount of antibodies present in biological samples through an enzymatic reaction that results in appreciable color change at first glance.
In this workshop students will observe the proccess, to identify which vaccine has produced better results. Workshop conducted by Dr. Olivia Estévez and Amparo Martínez.
11.30am Nutrition
Dissertation on healthy nutrition by Laura Toba, member of the Endocrinology Research Group. The talk will be accompanied by the preparation of a healthy breakfast.
12.15am Colloidal chemistry
Synthesis of gold nanoparticles and brief explanation of the applicability of nanotechnology in the everyday world. Workshop by Sergio Rodal, Dr. Gustavo Bodelón, Daniel García and Dr. Sergio Gómez.
The workshop will begin with a short presentation that will show that nanotechnology is very much present in our lives, from nature to most of the technology consumed. Students will be aware of the advancement of science in this area and how nanotechnology can help to improve the quality of life, either used in the treatment of diseases and developing new materials for the construction, automotive , or aeronautics sector.
After the presentation, a small experiment will be carried out where gold nanowires will be synthesized, observing how the formation of these metal nanoparticles causes the optical properties of the liquid to change, thus giving us information of its shape and size.
12.45 pm Farewell. Group photo.

Visit of the Santo Tomás School in O Porriño.