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In 2008, a group of multidisciplinary researchers from the University of Vigo began INBIOMED (Biomedical Research Grouping), to develop biomedical research, in collaboration with local hospitals, other universities, industry, and regional and local governments.
In 2016, CINBIO (Biomedical Research Center) obtained the recognition of the Singular Center of Galicia and, with the conclusion of the new building, funded with ERDF funds, some of the groups moved to the new center to develop their research.


To develop a multidisciplinary Research Center in biomedicine, of excellence in the region of South Galicia, and with international prestige;

  • to raise funds and promote the development of a quality biomedical research center;
  • to awaken the curiosity of young researchers and also, attract the talent of consolidated researchers, who ensure the present and the future of the research we are developing now;
  • to multiply the return to society, in the form of professionals, scientific findings, and knowledge transfer, to the industry, in the form of patents or spin-offs.


To create and transfer knowledge and innovation in the biomedical field, under a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach.

In line with the European, National and Regional Health Strategies, the mission of CINBIO is: 

  1. Reinforce the research capacity of the groups and their international positioning.
  2. Strengthen the lines of research aligned with the strategies of RIS3 in Galicia, and in Europe (Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe).
  3. Carry out quality research, both basic and applied, to contribute to the knowledge of pathologies, their diagnoses and therapies; in strategic lines of high prevalence such as Cancer, Immunity, Neurosciences, Aging, and Metabolic Diseases.
  4. Develop joint research infrastructures and programs with Universities, Hospitals and the Biomedical Industry, in order to create an environment of excellence in science and technology, with international visibility.
  5. Increase collaboration with national and international centers that expand our horizon and complement the knowledge of our researchers.
  6. Favor the training of researchers, participating in teaching programs, to increase the number and qualification of early researchers and technicians, in the field of Biomedicine.
  7. Promote the exploitation of research results and knowledge transfer, through a) contract & collaborative research; b) patenting & licensing; c) creating companies (spin-offs).
  8. Contribute to decrease the imbalance between men and women in Science and Technology, as well as scientific leadership positions.


The main values of the Center are:

  1. Multidisciplinarity, integration and cooperation, which allows the approach of pathologies in diagnosis or therapies, in a preventive way (vaccines), or directly (nanostructures and drugs); and promoting active & healthy aging.
  2. High-level of infrastructures and technological platforms, with experienced technical staff; in CINBIO itself, in CACTI (core facilities center), as well as in hospitals in the south of Galicia (Ourense, Pontevedra and Vigo)
  3. Youth, Leadership and Creativity: new Center in a young University, among the 100 best universities with less than 50 years, (Times Higher education), with emerging groups of great potential, and consolidated groups, leaders in research at an international level.
  4. Ethics: both in biomedical research and in animal experimentation.
  5. Integration, gender equality and equal opportunities; in the composition of groups and the promotion of female leadership.
  6. Commitment to society and patients: with disemmination activities, participation in open days, Science Week, activities with children, presence on the media.
  7. Open to companies: with collaborative activities both training and project development or technology transfer.
  8. Results oriented, to be applied in the society, via contracts, patents and spin-offs; and with experience in the management of institutional projects (BIOCAPS, € 4.6 million).
  9. Internationalization: wide network of collaborations with international centers, and in national and international networks and consortiums.
  10. Improvement drive: for research purposes, for scientific dissemination and adjustment to social media and networks.