Evolutionary and Biomedical Genomics

David PosadaProfessor David Posada

(PhD , Zoology)


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tl_files/cinbio/imagenes/masinfo.gif Evolutionary and Biomedical Genomics

Research teams:

Phylogenomics ERC
Team leader: Professor David Posada  (dposada@uvigo.es)
David Posada’s Evolutionary Genomics Team uses genomic information to try to understand the evolution of different species and cancer cells.

Computational Population Genetics and Evolution
Team Leader: Ramon y Cajal fellow Miguel Arenas (marenas@uvigo.es)
Miguel Arenas’ Computational Population Genetics and Evolution Team is interested in understanding the evolution of organisms at the population and molecular levels. The team also develops models, methods and frameworks for the evolutionary analysis of genetic data.

Marine genomics
Team Leader: Marie Curie  Fellow Iria Fernández-Silva (irfernandez@uvigo.es)
Iria Fernández-Silva’s Speciation genomics group is trying to answer key evolutionary questions pertaining the evolution of marine fishes.

Also, the group is directly involved in Marie Curie ITN Project “CONTRA“, Computational ONcology TRaining Alliance. ID number: 766030, “H2020-EU.1.3.1. – Fostering new skills by means of excellent initial training of researchers“; with these “Early Stage Researcher” projects:

ESR 11: Estimation of tumour growth rates from NGS data

ESR 12: Mutational patterns and models within tumours.