CINBIO Gold Talk

Scentific Recognition

The mission of CINBIO, through these awards, is to empower science by acknowledging those individuals who inspire others through their daily contributions..


CINBIO aims to promote and reward individuals and institutions that contribute to the advancement and development of science. This recognition extends not only to research activities but also to all related facets that foster and promote research progress, such as management, leadership, knowledge transfer, and science communication. Particularly, the focus lies on the fields of biomedicine and nanomaterials, which are central to the center's scope of action.

2023 edition closed. Applications open for 2024

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Cinbio, Science Gold Talk

CINBIO International Gold talk

Reserved for individuals or institutions with an international presence (outside Spain) and arecognized career path, demonstrating merit and dedication in their field,significantly contributing to the advancement of science.

CINBIO National Gold talk

This category is intended forindividuals or institutionsoperating at the national level, with an outstanding career and significant involvement in the world ofresearch.

CINBIO Gold talk

The awardees will have the opportunity to present their "Gold talk" at the awards ceremony, inspiring and showcasing their work tothe attendees.

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The Award Ceremony

Celebration of the 1st CINBIO Gold talk

The event aims to confer awards for professional work in the scientific and research field, both on the national and international stage.

  • Vigo

  • October, 19 - 19h

  • 50 / 75 people (invitation only)

Dinamic Event

We propose an event that highlights the significance of research and the awarded individuals. Additionally, it will be a dynamic and creatively infused occasion, where the central concept of the event will immerse attendees in the realm of research and science.

The event will be guided by a host, featuring a musical performance and talks by the key figures, culminating with a brief Galician cocktail reception.

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I Edición

First Edition

The first edition of "CINBIO Gold Talk" is born not only withthe aim of recognizing the work of those individuals andinstitutions that drive science and inspire through their dailywork and discourse, but also as an act of celebrating science.Through an event like this, which acknowledges and rewardsthe career paths of scientists, the fundamental role thatscience plays in advancing society and human knowledge ishighlighted.

Such event serves as catalysts for scientific and technologicalprogress; they foster a culture of excellence and motivateothers to follow in their footsteps. Therefore, this event aimsnot only to create a platform for public recognition but alsoto serve as a source of inspiration for young emergingtalents, encouraging them to forge careers in research andinnovation.