Cookie policy

CINBIO gathers information, which may include personal data, taken from your browser while using our web portal. We use a variety of methods, such as cookies and pixel tags to compile data, which may include your: (i) IP address; (ii) unique identifiers of the cookies, cookie data, and information about the ability of your device to access some functions; (iii) unique identifier of the device and type of device; (iv) domain, type of browser, and language; (v) operating system configuration and system configuration; (vi) country and time zone; (vii) previously browsed webpages; (viii) information about your interaction with our web pages, such as your behaviour while clicking, shopping and expressing preferences; and (ix) access times and URL references.

Third parties may also be able to compile information from our webpages using cookies, plug-ins and third-party widgets. Those third parties gather data directly from your web browser and the treatment of such data is subject to their specific privacy policies. We use cookies and pixel tags to track clients’ usage of our web pages, as well as to understand their preferences (like country and language options). This allows us to offer services to our clients and improve their online experience. We also use cookies and pixel tags to obtain aggregate data on web page traffic and interactions with the purpose of identifying trends and produce statistics focused on web page improvement. Generally speaking, there are three categories of cookies present on our websites:

  • Functional: These cookies are necessary for the basic functionality of the web page and, for that reason, are always active. They include cookies which allow the system to remember you while you browse the site in a single session or, if requested, from session to session. They help to make it possible to complete orders and payments, as well as respond to security issues in accordance with the applicable norms and regulations.
  • Performance: These cookies allow us to improve the functionality of our web pages by tracking usage. In some cases, these cookies increase the speed with which we are able to process your order and allow us to remember preferences on your selected sites. Rejecting these cookies may cause inaccurate recommendations, or a slowing down of the browsing experience. You may always change your preferences visiting the section entitled ‘Cookies configuration’ at the bottom of all of our sites.

To obtain a complete and updated summary of each third party which may be able to access your browser (through CINBIO websites or any other means), we recommend you to install a web browser plugin designed to this end. You may also choose an option for your computer to warn you every time a cookie is sent, or deactivate all cookies. This process should be completed by configuring each browser and device appropriately. Browsers are different from each other, so checking the ‘Help’ menu might be advisable to decide how to start the cookie modification process. If you choose to deactivate all cookies, you may not have access to various functions which make our web pages more efficient and, consequently, a few of our services will not work adequately.

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