ISO 9001 quality policy

January 2024 quality policy

CINBIO, the Biomedical Research Centre of the University of Vigo is a multidisciplinary Singular Research Centre of Galicia (2020-2022). Its mission focuses on the creation of a common infrastructure for researchers in the biomedical field, as well as the provision of support, the advocacy and development of research in biology and medicine. CINBIO is aware of the need to ensure the existence of appropriate communication channels with its users and other interest groups. With this goal in mind, the Board of Directors of the University of Vigo, through the Vice-chancellorship of Research and the executive management of CINBIO, guarantee the introduction, maintenance and improvement of a Quality Management System in compliance with the requirements of norm ISO 9001:2015, which is applicable to service provision in bioexperimentation, flow cytometry, and molecular biology.

The following general principles are established:

  • Ensure compliance with the legal and other requirements which may be applicable.
  • Determine the risks and opportunities associated with the context in which the centre operates and the needs as well as expectations of all stakeholders, in addition to acting whenever it is considered necessary.
  • Guarantee the existence of a user-oriented approach in the scheduling and provision of services, measuring the users’ perceptions with regard to corporate performance.
  • Define quality objectives periodically to show its global commitment to sustained improvement.
  • Secure the availability of resources to appropriately provide services and reach quality objectives.
  • Communicate and disseminate CINBIO’s general principles of quality assurance among the stakeholders affected by the quality management system and ensure its availability for all interest groups.

CINBIO Board of Directors