Facilities and technical resources

Infrastructure to promote knowledge generation and exchange

The research that is carried out at CINBIO takes place in a building divided in six separate modules assigned to group-specific areas, as well as common areas, to meet, debate ideas and create synergies. More than 30 laboratories, lounges, assembly rooms, gathering points and other spaces intended to facilitate the tasks assigned to research staff during their workday.

In addition to the central facilities in Vigo, there are diverse work spaces in Ourense, whose campus houses two of the fourteen research teams.

These facilities are equipped with an infrastructure that promotes knowledge exchange and provides experts with the right resources and technologies, both in the case of research teams and other external stakeholders, such as public bodies and industrial partners.

Cinbio, investigadores e investigadoras do máis alto nivel
Cinbio, investigadores e investigadoras do máis alto nivel

Range of services

Additionally, there is a series of support services for researchers, most of which include technical staff:

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