CINBIO is part of several networks and platforms through its groups and research personnel. These networks, which integrate different agents working in a specific area, allow their members to approach colaborative projects in an associative way.

If you are part of CINBIO and you are considering joining a network, or you want to participate in one that we are already part of, please send an email to:

The following list compiles the national and international networks in which CINBIO research groups are participating at present:

Cinbio, investigadores e investigadoras do máis alto nivel
  • Action COST OC-2018-1-22935: «Advanced Engineering and Research of (aero) Gels for Environment and Life Sciences»

  • Action COST FP0901: «Analytical techniques for Biorefineries»

  • Action COST CM1406: «Epigenetic Chemical Biology»

  • Action COST CM1407: «Challenging Organic Syntheses Inspired by Nature: from Natural Products Chemistry to Drug Discovery»

  • Action COST CA15136: «Eurocaroten»

  • Action COST D43: «Colloid and Interface Science for Nanotechnology»

  • Clúster Tecnolóxico Empresarial das Ciencias da Vida de Galicia (Bioga)

  • International network BIOTECMAR: «Valorización biotecnolóxica de produtos e subprodutos mariños»

  • Thematic network: FLUCOMP

  • Thematic network: «Investigación en biomasa e agroenerxía»

  • Spanish Network of Molecular Simulation (RDSIMOL)

  • Collaboration network for the inclusion of women in Physics and Engineering studies

  • Spanish Immunotherapy Network

  • Cancer Immunotherapy Consortium (CIC) (United States)

  • Spanish Nanomedicine Platform (Spain)

  • European Nanomedicine Platform (EU)

  • NanoSafety Cluster (Europa)

  • Plataforma Tecnológica Española de Materiales Avanzados y Nanomateriales (Materplat)

  • International Network for Sustainable Nanotechnology (N4SNano)

  • International Network in Theoretical Immunology (Europa)


  • ATMS (International)

  • ERCIM (EU)

  • Biostatnet (National)

  • Red math‐in (National)

  • ESMI (EU FP7 Infrastructure Project)

  • METACHEM (EU FP7 Project)

  • INGENIOUS (EU FP7 Project)

  • NANODIRECT (EU FP7 Project)

  • SoftComp (EU Network of Excellence)

  • Nanospain

  • NanoMedSpain (Spanish Platform on Nanomedicine)

  • Galician Network of Bioinformatics

  • Galician Network of Nanotechnology

  • Galician Network of High-Performance Computing

  • Unidade asociada ao Centro Superior de Investigacións Científicas (Química‐Física)

  • Spanish group of cancer immunotherapy

  • National Network for Multiple Sclerosis

  • Bioagua: «Bioremediation of polluted fresh water»