At CINBIO we like to stay close to society and we hold several public events:

Cinbio, divulgación
  • Open days

    When the educational activity commences, the centre opens its doors to the general public and organises several activities free of charge in the cities of Ourense and Vigo. These open days are part of the “Scientific opportunities for research dissemination” funded by the University of Vigo, whose main objective is to bring the work of researchers much closer to the people.

  • High school visits

    Keeping in mind the group’s ambition of attracting new talent, we also organise visits to our facilities for high schools, an opportunity for young students to take part in different workshops and learn what a life in research looks like. If you wish to receive more information to book a guided visit for your high school, do not hesitate to contact us!

  • Pint of Science

    One of the best-known initiatives in which we take part is Pint of Science, a dissemination event with a national and international impact. The goal is to talk about science in a way that makes it accessible to the general public in a location that significantly differs from academic tradition: bars and pubs. This festival is held simultaneously for three days in bars and pubs the world over.

  • Each year we celebrate an interdisciplinary conference with the objective of reflecting our centre’s multidisciplinarity with international guests from fields connected to our main lines of research. Talks on various subjects are available for both the academic staff and students, who can share the results of their inquiry

  • In-house conferences

    An in-house conference is held periodically at CINBIO on different topics.