Diversity and Inclusion

CINBIO is in alignment with the Equality Plan of the University of Vigo and works to advocate the role of women in science. At present, 123 of the 223 members of staff at CINBIO are women, and six of them hold leadership positions as principal researchers in the different groups. Even though women make the majority of the staff, men still predominate in tenured positions. However, it is estimated that this trend will be modified in upcoming years through the active promotion of women to governing boards.

In line with this policy, the centre led the introduction of a lactation room, designed a flexibility plan to help conciliate work with family life, supported the establishment of a university-wide equality plan, and kickstarted the advocacy of female researchers participating consistently in Women in Science and STEM seminars.

Our pioneering lactation room at the University of Vigo is endowed with all of the necessary elements to guarantee the existence of optimal conditions for those women who would wish to pump breast milk.

Cinbio, investigadores e investigadoras do máis alto nivel

Taking advantage of the celebration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science (11 February), CINBIO is involved in the organisation of the Elas Fan CienTec action with the objective of giving greater visibility to women and girl scientists and creating references in the fields of science and engineering. In this way, students of secondary education and baccalaureate programmes are invited to visit our research facilities and take part in the work of our researchers.

We also advocate for the equal presence of women and men in internal and external university activities, together with the existence of a real balance in leadership positions. In addition, the communications department uses a gender perspective.

We oversee the fulfilment of parity regulations in university positions establish preventative measures and sanctions in cases of sexual harassment and discrimination for reasons of gender. In addition, we participate in business networks to promote equality, try to promote the creation of spin-offs with women leaders, and foster the visibility of women scientists in the mass media.

UVigo Equality Plan

UVigo Equality Manual