Research support staff

Management unit

The Management Unit provides administrative and operational support to the research staff. This initiative pursues the objective of facilitating the professional development of researchers and easier access to the tenure track. It provides an optimal environment to produce knowledge which is based on high-quality research.

The main task of our Management Unit focuses on the search and identification of financing opportunities to support research, as well as supporting the centre’s strategic decisions in collaboration with the scientific committee.

Within the Management Unit there is a communication team in charge of research and knowledge dissemination, advocacy of the impact and relevance of the research work, and promotion of scientific culture in society, which are three of the strategic top priorities of a research centre like CINBIO.

Support services

Research staff at CINBIO also relies on multiple horizontal services which are provided on a daily basis.

There is a wide availability of common-use laboratories with instrumentation adapted to the needs of each member of staff. In addition, highly qualified personnel on call to promote research activities.