The Nanobiomaterials research support (Characterization Unit) service offers self-service scientific and technical equipment.

This service supports the design, synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials in order to develop novel applications, including environmental sensing, biosensing, nanomedicine, theranostics, controlled release and catalysis.

Available equipment:

  • Volumetric Analysis for Physisorption e Chemisorption measures

    Raman Spectroscopy

    Solar Simulator

    Multi reactor

    Lateral Flow Strip Printer

    Magnetic Hyperthermia equipment

Technical staff (Characterization Unit)

Mercedes Peleteiro Olmedo
Mercedes Peleteiro Olmedo

Head of flow cytometry services and molecular biology

A doctor in Biology from the University of Vigo (2015) specialised in flow cytometry, which allowed her to become part of CINBIO as the head of flow cytometry services and molecular biology.

Dr Peleteiro collaborates actively in several projects managed by CINBIO research groups and other entities of the biomedical and biotechnological fields. In addition, she is involved in a number of teaching and dissemination programmes at the University of Vigo.