Flow Cytometry

This service belongs to the Characterization Unit and offers CINBIO researchers (as well as external groups), both technical support and advice for the design of experiments, selection of markers, acquisition and analysis of samples, and discussion and writing of the results obtained.

Flow cytometry is a tool that allows a multiparametric analysis (size, complexity, amount of DNA, phenotype, etc.) of samples composed by cellular or subcellular suspensions of different origins.

It quickly provides abundant information and representative data about a population using a minimal sample. It may also be useful to produce diverse cell populations depending on the device. This technique affords multiple applications in humans, plants and microorganisms.


Molecular Biology

The Molecular Biology research support service offers self-service scientific and technical equipment. This department may be used to analyse diverse samples: nucleic acids, proteins, cellular activity, different nanomaterials, etc.


  • Analytic flow cytometry:

    • Cytoflex (Beckman Coulter) - Manual
    • Accuri C6 (Becton Dickinson) - Manual
    • Cytoflex S (Beckman Coulter) - Manual
  • Cell sorting:

    • FACSAriaIII (Becton Dickinson) - Manual
  • Multiplexing equipment:

  • Nanoparticle analyser:

  • Data analysis station:

    • Ordenador con FlowLogic (versión 7.1)
    • BD Accuri C6 Software - Guía de software
    • CytExpert Software

Molecular Biology

Image acquisition and analysis equipment ChemiDocTM XRS+ - Manual

Plate reader EnVision - Manual

Spectrophotometer NanoDrop 2000 - Manual

Technical staff

Mercedes Peleteiro Olmedo
Mercedes Peleteiro Olmedo

Head of flow cytometry services and molecular biology

A doctor in Biology from the University of Vigo (2015) specialised in flow cytometry, which allowed her to become part of CINBIO as the head of flow cytometry services and molecular biology.

Dr Peleteiro collaborates actively in several projects managed by CINBIO research groups and other entities of the biomedical and biotechnological fields. In addition, she is involved in a number of teaching and dissemination programmes at the University of Vigo.