Technological porfolio

CINBIO has highly specialized personnel, cutting-edge equipment and research lines with high strategic value that compose the technological capabilities of the center. .

You can check the capabilities of the center in the document below or consult them by group.

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Cinbio, investigadores e investigadoras do máis alto nivel

Rare Diseases Lab

Biomass and Sustainable Development (EQ2)

New Generation Computer Systems(SING)

TeamNanoTech (TNT)

Organic Chemistry Innovation and Development (ORCHID)

Magnetics Materials Group (MMG)

Innovation in agrifood and health (CI8)

Immunology (IN1)

Functional NanoBiomaterials Group (FunNanoBio)



Computational Molecular Evolution (CME)

Materials Chemistry and Physics Group (MCPG)

Biomimetic Nanomaterials (Biomimat)