12 abril 2019researchers positioning in the H-index

From left to right, and up down: Isabel Pastoriza; Jorge Pérez Juste; Ramón Hermida; Juan Carlos Parajó; Jesú Simal; Herminia Domínguez; David Posada; Ángel R. de Lera.

Faro de VIgo published en article about the positioning in the H-index of 22 UVigo researchers.

We are proud to have quite a few of them at CINBIO.Isabel Pastoriza and Jorge Pérez Juste, lead the Colloid Chemistry Group, performing top notch nanotech research.

Juan Carlos Parajó and Herminia Domínguez, in Ourense, leading the Biomass and sustainable development group, that is a reference in producing biomolecules out of vegetal or marine wastes.

David Posada, that benifies a prestigious ERC Consolidator Grant, leads a strong group focus on Evolutionary and Biomedical Genomics research.

Ángel R. de Lera leads the Organic Chemistry group; long time leaders in retinoids, carotenoids and epigenetic modulators.Faro de VIgo News: