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Biorefinery concept for discarded potatoes: Recovery of starch and bioactive compounds Torres M.D., Fradinho P., Rodríguez P., Falqué E., Santos V., Domínguez H. Journal of Food Engineering
Understanding the social evolution of the Java community in Stack Overflow: A 10-year study of developer interactions Blanco G., Pérez-López R., Fdez-Riverola F., Lourenço A.M.G. Future Generation Computer Systems
Removal of phenolic pollutants from wastewater streams using ionic liquids Sas O.G., Sánchez P.B., González B., Domínguez Á. Separation and Purification Technology
Antioxidant capacity of the extracts from flowers of Erica australis L.: Comparison between microwave hydrodiffusion and gravity (MHG) and distillation extraction techniques – Formulation of sunscreen creams López-Hortas L., Conde E., Falqué E., Domínguez H., Torres M.D. Industrial Crops and Products
Enzymatic synthesis and characterization of chlorophyllide derivatives as possible internal standards for pigment chromatographic analysis Gavalás-Olea A., Sanz N., Riobó P., Garrido J.L., Vaz B. Algal Research
Convective heat transfer in pipe flow for glycolated water-based carbon nanofluids. A thorough analysis Vallejo J.P., Calviño U., Freire I., Fernández-Seara J., Lugo L. Journal of Molecular Liquids
Characterization of Eucalyptus nitens Lignins Obtained by Biorefinery Methods Based on Ionic Liquids Penín L., Lange H., Santos V., Crestini C., Parajó J.C. Molecules
The influence of heterogeneous codon frequencies along sequences on the estimation of molecular adaptation Del Amparo R., Vicens A., Arenas M. Bioinformatics (Oxford, England)
PIP2 mediated inhibition of TREK potassium currents by bradykinin in mouse sympathetic neurons Rivas-Ramírez P., Reboreda A., Rueda-Ruzafa L., Herrera-Pérez S., Lamas J.A. International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Fucoidans: The importance of processing on their anti-tumoral properties Torres M.D., Flórez-Fernández N., Simón-Vázquez R., Giménez-Abián J.F., Díaz J.F., González-Fernández Á., Domínguez H. Algal Research
Environmentally friendly processing of Laminaria ochroleuca for soft food applications with bioactive properties Fradinho P., Flórez-Fernández N., Sousa I., Raymundo A., Domínguez H., Torres M.D. Journal of Applied Phycology
Analysis of cyclic imines in mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis) from galicia (NW Spain) by LC-MS/MS Moreiras G., Leão J.M., Gago-Martínez A. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Photophysical Effects behind the Efficiency of Hot Electron Injection in Plasmon-Assisted Catalysis: The Joint Role of Morphology and Composition Negrín-Montecelo Y., Comesaña-Hermo M., Khorashad L.K., Sousa-Castillo A., Wang Z., Pérez-Lorenzo M., Liedl T., Govorov A.O., Correa-Duarte M.A. ACS Energy Letters
Microwave hydrodiffusion and gravity (MHG) extraction from different raw materials with cosmetic applications López-Hortas L., Falqué E., Domínguez H., Torres M.D. Molecules
Autohydrolysis of lentinus edodes for obtaining extracts with antiradical properties Huamán-Leandro L.R., González-Muñoz M.J., Fernández-De-Ana C., Rodríguez-Blanco A., Torres M.D., Domínguez H. Foods
Evaluation of malolactic bacteria associated with wines from Albariño variety as potential starters: Screening for quality and safety López-Seijas J., García-Fraga B., da Silva A.F., Zas-García X., Lois L.C., Gago-Martínez A., Leão-Martins J.M., Sieiro C. Foods
Nepcm based on silver dispersions in poly(Ethylene glycol) as a stable solution for thermal storage Marcos M.A., Cabaleiro D., Hamze S., Fedele L., Bobbo S., Estellé P., Lugo L. Nanomaterials
Nonparametric estimation of the cumulative incidences of competing risks under double truncation de Uña-Álvarez J. Biometrical Journal
The extracellular proteins of Lactobacillus acidophilus DSM 20079T display anti-inflammatory effect in both in piglets, healthy human donors and Crohn’s Disease patients Hidalgo-Cantabrana C., Moro-García M.A., Blanco-Míguez A., Fdez-Riverola F., Oliván M., Royo L.J., Riestra S., Margolles A., Lourenço A., Alonso-Arias R., Sánchez B. Journal of Functional Foods
ModelTest-NG: A New and Scalable Tool for the Selection of DNA and Protein Evolutionary Models Darriba D., Posada D., Kozlov A.M., Stamatakis A., Morel B., Flouri T. Molecular biology and evolution
Ultrasonic-assisted extraction and digestion of proteins from solid biopsies followed by peptide sequential extraction hyphenated to MALDI-based profiling holds the promise of distinguishing renal oncocytoma from chromophobe renal cell carcinoma Jorge S., Pereira K., López-Fernández H., LaFramboise W., Dhir R., Fernández-Lodeiro J., Lodeiro C., Santos H.M., Capelo-Martínez J.L. Talanta