2 contracts. Statistics and Operations Research

2 contracts. Statistics and Operations Research

Fecha Inicio: 10 abril 2018
Fecha Fin: 20 abril 2018

The research group SiDOR (Statistical Inference, Decision and Operations Research)http://sidor.uvigo.esof the University of Vigo offers two contracts to carry out research support tasks in the area of Statistics and Operations Research

Deadline: 14:00 h. 20-apr-2018.

The tasks to perform are related to two lines:

• Line A: Development of methodology related to the basic research of the group. Study of the properties of the proposed methods
• Line B: Resolution of specific problems to other areas of knowledge (medicine, oceanography, biology, engineering, economics, etc.) in collaboration with other research groups, applying and / or developing the appropriate statistical methodology

– Degree in Mathematics or Statistics, or other degrees with specific training in the area of Statistics and Operations Research at the postgraduate level
– Management of statistical software. Knowledge of programming
– Good level of spoken and written English

Evaluation criteria:
– Academic records, Degree, and Master’s if it is done.
– Curriculum vitae
– Personal interview

Job description:
– Gross salary: 1250 euros / month
– Weekly work day: 37.5 hours / week
– Duration of the contract: 4 extendable months
– Facilities: Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences. As Lagoas-Marcosende University Campus (Vigo)
– In the case of postgraduate students, the research to be carried out may lead to a Master’s Final Project (TFM)

Submission of applications and deadline:
– By email addressed to with the following subject: SiDOR Support Support Square
– Provide an academic record of degree / master’s and CV
– Deadline: until 2:00 pm on April 20, 2018

Personal interviews and resolution:
– The pre-selected candidates will be called for a personal interview
– Estimated resolution date for the provision of the place: April 27, 2018
– Expected start date of the contract: between May 15 and June 15, 2018