Expresion of interest - Postdoctoral Fellowships programme (HORIZON-MSCA-2024-PF-01)

Expresion of interest - Postdoctoral Fellowships programme (HORIZON-MSCA-2024-PF-01)

Fecha Inicio: 10 xuño 2024
Fecha Fin: 31 xullo 2024

Within the framework of the MARIE SKŁODOWSKA-CURIE ACTIONS – POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS (HORIZON-MSCA-2024-PF-01) CINBIO, acting as a host institution, welcomes applications from researchers in the following main areas:
- Nanomaterials
- Biomedicine

H2024 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships programme (HORIZON-MSCA-2024-PF-01).

The MARIE SKŁODOWSKA-CURIE POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS are available for experienced researchers, of any nationality, who must have, at the date of the call’s deadline, a doctoral degree or at least four years of full time equivalent research experience. Eligible candidates must comply with MSCA MOBILITY RULES.

Please, contact us (, if you have a PhD related to our research lines, you comply with the mobility rule of the MSCA; and you choose CINBIO, at University of Vigo, as your Host Institution. Send the following information,  before 31st of July 2024:

Deadline for applications: 31 July 2024 / MSCA call deadline: 11 September 2024

Requested: Doctoral degree/PhD or at least four years of full time equivalent research experience in areas related to Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Informatics, Engineering, Physics, or Medicine.


  • Excellent academic record, and strong interest in research, to join an established center with multiple lines of biomedical research, that will sure suit your curiosity.
  • Highest motivation to carry out scientific experiments in a reliable and efficient way, excellent communication skills; and willing to advance on their research pursuit.
  • Focus on the daily work, proactive, attentive to detail, autonomous, and able to collaborate in the lab tasks.
  • Participation on dissemination activities.
  • Command of English language.

Candidates should send before deadline, 31.07.2024:

    1. Title and summary of the work plan (written in English); (filename CINBIO-MSCA_YourName_WP.pdf).
    2. A detailed CV / Professional experience (filename CINBIO-MSCA_YourName_CV.pdf).
    3. A motivation letter explaining your trajectory in the last five years and explaining the relevance of your achievements (max. 5000 characters); (filename CINBIO-MSCA_YourName_LETTER.pdf).
    4. Academic record, including one copy of relevant publication written in English (filename CINBIO-MSCA_YourName_DEGREE.pdf).

Click here for Questions & Answers, and a starting point to apply.