Topic areas


Research on nanoscale materials in this area is structured in the fields of nanocatalysis, biosensors, nanophotonics, nanomagnetism and nanovaccines.

Cinbio, Nanomateriais
  • Nanocatalysis

    Production of nanocatalysts.

    Structural, optical and magnetic properties of hybrid nanomaterials.

  • Nanophotonics

    Development of phototherapy systems based on nanomaterials.

  • Nanovaccines

    Use of nanomaterials to develop preventative and therapeutic vaccines.

  • Biosensors

    Development and implementation of nanomaterials for their use as biosensors and drug delivery systems (DDS).

    Design and production of plasmonic nanosensors.

  • Nanomagnetism

    Magnetic nanomaterials for bio-related applications.

    Design of self-propelled magnetic vehicles for biomedical applications.

    Design, production and characterisation of nanomaterials with advanced properties.