Antonio Rinaldi - CINBIO Seminar Programme 31 maio 2023 Sala de seminarios da Torre CACTI

Programa Seminar Programme

O 31 de maio de 2023 o Dr. Antonio Rinaldi  (Sustainability Department at ENEA) ofrecerá o seminario Strategies to develop next generation medical device for slow delivery and medical devices: the cases of “microsponge” drug delivery platform (DDP) and of DOE-driven electrospun membranes.

Será ás 11:00h na Sala de Seminarios da Torre CACTI.

'Advanced manufacturing is a critical research area to overcome the challenge of the transition to a circular economy and personalized and precision medicine in Health. In this two-parts talks we discuss two different ideas to implement drug delivery platforms (DDP) that enables slow-delivery of drugs and biomolecules. Some of the underlying concepts are relevant to nanomedicine and crucial in the development of new tenets in personalized medicine.

Part 1 is product-driven and we will focus on an innovative DDP called “microsponge” and new pre-clinical results achieved in the area of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Because this technology is applicable to a number of medical areas, it could potentially improve the lives of hundreds of millions of persons with age-related chronic conditions and it is also being investigated with University of Vigo in the scope of the PEPSA-MATE project (H2020).

Part 2 is methodology-driven and deals with electrospinning applied to drug delivery and tissue engineering applications. The goal is to highlight the importance of factorial design from design of experiment (DOE) to manage the intrinsic engineering complexity and aid in the rational development of products'.