Carlos Spuch Calvar - CINBIO Seminar Programme 18 abril 2024 Sala de audiovisuais - CINBIO

Programa Seminar Programme

O xoves 18 de abril de 2024 o Dr. Carlos Spuch Calvar (R4 do Grupo de Neurociencia Traslacional do Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Galicia Sur) ofrecerá o seminario "New challenges in psychiatric disorders", dentro do ciclo "CINBIO Seminar Programme".

Será ás 11:00h na Sala de audiovisuais do módulo 6 do CINBIO.


Today's society is suffering from an increase in mental and neurodegenerative diseases, whether due to aging, our habits or environmental factors, we do not know for sure, but they are undoubtedly risk factors. But the reality is that more and more people suffer from these disorders, and when our brain is affected, the consequence is problems in our thinking, judgment, cognition, memory, etc. One of the great handicaps we face is how to make a correct rapid diagnosis, being able to predict which treatment is the most appropriate, and when and how it should be administered. Our laboratory researches the development of new biomarkers focused on the use of proteomics related to the immune system, metabolic systems, inflammation and how they relate to mental pathology.

Another approach that we are carrying out in the laboratory is to address a new strategy to develop new molecules that can be investigated as regular potentials of the nervous system. In this aspect, we investigate the molecular aspects of human breast milk and how they can be used as potential regulators and be used in neurodegenerative diseases.


R4 researcher and Co-PI of the Translational Neurosciences Group of the Galicia Sur Health Research Institute (IIS-Galicia Sur) and the GCV17/SAM1 group of CIBERSAM together with Dr. José Manuel Olivares. Doctor in Neurosciences from the University of Vigo with postdoctoral stays at the Cajal Institute (CSIC, Madrid), the Karolinska Institute (Stockholm) and the Hospital 12 de Octubre Health Research Institute (Madrid). h index of 30, with more than 80 scientific articles and book chapters, 250 scientific communications at national and international conferences and 7 patents registered for the treatment of Alzheimer's and diagnosis of depression. Coordinator of the Galician Dementia Research Network and Reference Researcher of the Spanish Society of Psychiatry and Mental Health.