Coñece ao #teamCINBIO: Julia N. Majcherkiewicz 08 xullo 2024 Sala de seminarios da Torre CACTI

Programa Coñece ao #teamCINBIO

O luns 8 de xullo ás 11:00 horas teremos a oportunidade de coñecer o traballo de Julia N. Majcherkiewicz, do grupo Nanomateriais Híbridos (HNG) do CINBIO, que impartirá a charla "Transition metal oxide nanocrystals and their interaction with light or with an alternating magnetic field" dentro do ciclo "Coñece ao #teamCINBIO"

Será de xeito presencial na Sala de seminarios da Torre CACTI.


Magnetic nanoparticles, especially those of transition metal oxides, with a crystalline ionic configuration of metal cations with unfilled d-electron orbitals, have become key in emerging fields. Through detailed analysis and characterization, we aim to explore new possibilities for their applications. Accordingly, the following work focuses on magnetic nanocrystals, particularly transition metal oxides, and their optimization and functionalization to prove them to be interesting candidates for the implementation in various fields, such as spintronics, heat delivery, or bio-related applications, by themselves, or when functionalized or merged in hybrid systems.