Conferencia 6abr2018 Fluídos supercríticos para aplicacións biomédicas 02 abril 2018

O venres, 6abr2018 at 10 a.m. at Sala de Conferencias del CACTI (Torre CACTI-Planta 0).

Ponente: Dr. Carlos A García, de IDFARMAUSC

Tito da charla: Uso de la tecnología de fluidos supercríticos para aplicaciones biomédicas avanzadas. (A conferencia estará en español).


Dr. Carlos A García is a Ramón y Cajal researcher since 2016. He has participated in numerous European, national, and private companies projects, in the field of Materials Engineering for biomedical applications, mainly related to pharmaceutical technology and regenerative medicine. His experience covers the entire R+D+i value chain, from idea testing, proof of concept, and development, optimization and scaling of processes up to technology transfer and innovation management. He has registered 1 patent and launched 2 products to the market. He currently has 50 articles in JCR journals (1186 citations and H index 21).