Dra. Beatriz Pelaz - CINBIO Seminar Programme 04 xullo 2024 Sala de seminarios da Torre CACTI

Programa Seminar Programme

O xoves 4 de xullo de 2024 a Dra. Beatriz Pelaz (CiQUS - Universidade de Santiago de Compostela) ofrecerá o seminario “Smart Nanocarriers for living cells applications".

Será ás 11:00h na Sala de Seminarios da Torre CACTI.

Este seminario está promovido pola RSEQ - Sección territorial de Galicia (STGAL), dentro da iniciativa “Jornadas de Divulgación Química”.


Nanotechnology enables the creation of diverse materials through composite self-assembled architectures, including inorganic/organic nano-particles (NPs) and biomolecules, offering multifunctional tools for drug delivery. Challenges include understanding and controlling the biomolecule-NP interaction (biomolecular corona), preventing intracellular degradation, and achieving precise cell/tissue targeting. Successful nanomedicine design requires characteristics like evading the mononuclear phagocytic system, minimizing accumulation in liver/spleen, prolonged circulation, specific targeting, and functional efficacy. We will discuss different approaches to create smart and remotely-controlled nanocarriers.