How data science make chemists’ life easier 09 xuño 2022 Seminar Room of CACTI Tower

O 9 e 10 de xuño de 2022 contaremos con Nikita Serov (ITMO University) co webinar "How data science make chemists' life easier" sobre machine learning. Será de maneira presencial as 10:00h na Sala de Seminarios da Torre CACTI.

"Chemists continuously struggle with such tasks as material design, synthesis optimization, and property tuning, to name a few. Frequent inability to perform the number of experiments big enough to efficiently find the optimal solution leads to the solution which is "the best from tested" only. Moreover, ever-growing experiment and material complexity greatly complicates experimental work, where one needs to fix and vary each parameter separately, and still - even if successful - makes it almost impossible to interpret without any assumptions. Data science offers solutions, where 1) existing data is used to plan your experiments, 2) experimental data is analyzed in automatic manner, 3) adaptive algorithms perform synthesis optimization, and a lot more...Come and find out how deep in the future we are."