Izabel Riegel-Vidotti - CINBIO Seminar Programme 28 xuño 2023 Sala de seminario torre CACTI

Programa Seminar Programme

O 28 de xuño de 2023, Izabel Riegel-Vidotti (Departamento de Química, Universidade Federal do Parana) ofrecerá o seminario Polysaccharides as a versatile alternative for obtaining greener materials.

Será ás 12:00h na sala de seminarios de torre CACTI.


Polysaccharides comprise excellent platforms for the building-up of smart composite materials that find various applications due to the presence of functional groups that can interact differently with many substrates. Also, the macromolecular microstructure and composition of other components (proteins, for example) play a role in the interfacial interactions, either in solution or at solid interfaces. In this talk, it will be shown examples on how to use polysaccharides to successfully modify nanoparticles properties. Gum arabic has been used to synthesize, in aqueous media, conducting polymeric nanoparticles of controlled sizes as well gold nanoparticles with interesting biological applications. The resulting nanoparticles show excellent stability over time, being their intrinsic properties dependent on the polysaccharide composition and microstructure. Also, chitosan and alginate were used to prepare silica-based nanoparticles that acted as convenient host for corrosion inhibitors. Being obtained from renewable resources, polysaccharides are shown to be very promising materials. This research was supported by the Brazilian research funding agencies CNPq and CAPES.