Managing myself & working with my team: A skills upgrade for Postdocs 09 febreiro 2022

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TRAINING WORKSHOP: Managing myself & working with my team: A
skills upgrade for Postdocs and Group Leaders

Training Summary
Title: Managing myself & working with my team: A skills upgrade for Postdocs
Target audience: Postdoctoral researchers and group leaders at CINBIO
Duration: Two full days
No. participants:16
Format: In person (CINBIO, Universidade de Vigo) - Videoconferences room, torre CACTI
Dates: February 9 & 10, 2022. 09.30-17.30 each day (with coffe break at 11.30 and launch at 13, included)
Trainers: Dr Gavin Lucas, Dr Tobias Maier

Workshop Goal
Postdoctoral researchers are a somewhat forgotten collective in the research system, despite their key role in running research projects and in managing and training junior staff.
The goal of this workshop is to address their changing needs as increasingly expert researchers with growing responsibilities and pressures. Participants will gain a renewed perspective of some key transferrable competencies for the postdoctoral research stage and beyond. The over-riding principle of this training is awareness-raising: to develop a conceptual framework to understand and deal with some of the most common challenges that postdocs face, and to acquire a set of practical tools and methods that are immediately applicable in the participants’ working environment.

Workshop Content
• Review of core communication skills
Communication is the key to everything we do as researchers, whether it’s transmitting our science or managing our colleagues. Interpersonal communication will be a recurring thread throughout the workshop, and we will begin by exploring a model for interpersonal communication, how to give and receive feedback.
• Time and task management
How do you prioritise tasks to get important things done first? How do you plan your day to work effectively? Participants will learn intuitive tools to gain efficiency, as well as how to set realistic medium-term goals, and review digital helpers to manage their work and collaborate better.
• Motivation
Science can give us many reasons to feel demotivated, with consequences for our work and career progression. We will work with a simple framework for understanding demotivation, both in ourselves and in colleagues we supervise.
• Delegation
As researchers work on and lead ever-larger projects, we become increasingly responsible for the work of other team members. In this module, we will learn an intuitive model for delegating effectively, and following-up on progress.
• Understanding Conflicts
This workshop has an important communication focus, with tools to facilitate working relations through good communication. However, conflicts inevitably arise in any working environment, and are a cause of stress and lost productivity. We will present a model to understand how conflicts develop, and a powerful tool for resolving them through direct, appreciative, de-escalated communication.
• Negotiation
Researchers increasingly find themselves in situations where negotiating well is essential for professional success, including for roles and workload on collaborative projects, authorship on publications, or start-up package for career moves. In this module, participants will practice a proven framework for negotiation, with the goal of maximising satisfaction for all parties.

Training Methods
This is an interactive workshop with extensive elements of partner work, exercises, group discussion. We use innovative training methods and proven didactic techniques, and place special emphasis on sharing and learning from the participants’ own expertise and experience. To increase impact and applicability, we work with real-life cases from the participants whenever possible. We may ask participants to reserve time for individual preparatory work before the workshop.

Dr Gavin Lucas PhD is director of ThePaperMill, and a scientist with 13 years of experience as a biomedical researcher, and 12 years of experience as an academic author’s editor, consultant and trainer. In addition to his own solid track-record as a publishing scientist on national, European and international research projects, as an academic author’s editor and consultant, he has helped plan, critique, and polish over 450 original scientific articles for dozens of institutes in diverse fields, as well as dozens of H2020 and Horizon Europe
proposals. He also has extensive experience as a trainer in scientific writing and other transferable skills for researchers, and provides consultancy on training and scientific productivity at numerous academic institutes, public agencies, charitable foundations, and private companies.

Dr Tobias Maier PhD is Deputy Director of the National Institute for Science Communication in Karlsruhe, Germany. He has a PhD in biochemistry and a ten-year track record in academic research, funding acquisition, and publishing in high impact journals such as cell or science. He has extensive experience as a trainer at workshops for scientists on diverse topics, including scientific writing, online science communication, career development, leadership, and other transferrable skills.

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